The right combination of data, insights & digital content

Consumers today want relevant experiences — no matter where they are in their journey or customer life-cycle. They also want their experience to move across channels.  The right combination of data, insights, and digital content alone can deliver the best possible experience. At UXbakery we have all the tools to deliver personalized emails, test your content, and get deep insights into your customers.

We show you new ways to reach out to customers and develop a digital relationship before sending them to sales. Our solutions help you attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns, so sales can step in when they are engaged and ready.

Let your website earn for you


Having a pretty website is not enough.

From lead nurturing to marketing analytics we provide you with a range of solutions. Whether it is a simple website or an active engagement with your stakeholders, we offer you the entire gamut provided by a full-service agency.

social media

What we can do for your business

UXbakery can guide you through the traffic of social networks and automatically create data visualizations for exceptionally insightful discoveries, all on the cloud. We help companies identify a topic and quickly get relevant content that shows you interesting relationships and patterns. You can easily take the pulse of your audience, gain greater visibility into a topic or market and compare results with other data sources for new insights derived from different views of information.

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